MiKoChess (Irrlicht)

Last Page Update: 10/29/2006

MikoChess is another “game design study” I did to learn the basics of game programming (using the Open Source Graphics Engine “Irrlicht3D”, the 3D modeller Milkshape3D and other tools). This time, it is a graphical frontend for a chess engine. Yes, still sticking to board games 😛

Program Features

– Play offline chess games against computer opponent
– Using the chess engine Abrok 5.0 (UCI protocol)
– Using the 3D engine Irrlicht
– Windowed mode only. Fixed size 1024×768

Note: The Chess engine’s power is rather weak currently, due to massive timing restrictions from the client’s side. Don’t blame the engine for this.

Program Operation

– F1 invokes help text (F1 or esc closes)
– Toggle debug window via the help menue
– Toggle moves history window via the help menue
– Show chess engine info via the help menue
– When your move is due, the characters and numbers aside the board are hilighted
– Rotate board view by pressing left mouse button and moving the mouse
– Move board view by pressing right mouse button and moving the mouse
– Zoom in/out by pressing both mouse keys and move the mouse horizontally
– Select a field/item by left-clicking on it
– Unselect an item by right-clicking
– Change to standard views be pressing buttons in the lower left screen corner

Program Rules


Note: taking en-passant and stale mate not implemented yet. This special situations could cause the game to lock up.


Irrlicht homepage: http://www.irrlicht3d.org
Milkshape homepage: http://www.milkshape3d.com
Abrok homepage: http://romankorba.homepage.t-online.de




mikochess_0.2.zip10/29/20061.1 MBCompiled Windows exe only (DX9)