TokenBuilder (3DGS)

This is a test application to learn the use of 3DGamestudio by Conitec (A7 Special Edition, in my case).

The ‘game’ simulates playing with wooden tokens of different shapes (not using any physics, though). A few types and colors can be selected and positioned on a grid. The ‘build’ can then be saved to/loaded from disk.

Fixed resolution for Tokenbuilder is 1024×768. It will run in windowed mode if your desktop resolution is more than 1024×768 and will use fullscreen mode if not. MS Windows only (tested on XP).

Installation: Download and unzip the code below (it comes with the A7 lite-c source file ‘tokenbuilder.c’, too). Then, go to the ‘’ directory and start ‘tokenbuilder.exe’.




FileDateSizeRemarks MBTokenBuilder V1.0. 3DGS application. With source (lite-c)