kWhClicker is a little fun project, trying to recreate the “gameplay” of clicker/idle games with Unity. Until recently, I didn’t even know this type of games does exist. So, wanted to check how it could work.
At a later time, it might be interesting to re-do it by using a framework like e.g. Phaser and see the differences in realization.

As with all clicker games, many and repeated mouse clicks are needed to “achieve something”. Here, each click creates “green energy” (kWh) from solar panels and also some virtual coins. Using the coins, upgrades can be bought to produce even more energy. And.. well.. that’s it.

For a rough layout of upgrades and cost, I assumed a maximum gameplay duration of 10 minutes, where an experienced user could probably submit about 3000 clicks. Then, added some random upgrades, too, and also an autoclicker feature.

If looking for a “fully featured” clicker game, one would be better off and try AdVenture Capitalist or classic Cookie Clicker. There are a lot of other fine realisations on browser game websites, too.

In case you feel the urge to generate solar power by clicking, though, try kWhClicker: