L3DT FBX Plugin

L3DT by Bundysoft is a nice application for the generation of large 3D terrains (L3DT = Large 3D Terrains). This is a L3DT plugin to export to Autodesk’s fbx file format. It uses the FBX SDK2012.1 and Bundysoft’s Zeolite API 2.9.8.

Version Information

The current plugin version works with L3DT version 3, which is in development at the time of this writing. Using available development builds, the plugin should work with L3DT v2.9.0.26 and up. Please consider this plugin being in BETA state.


  • One single mesh export or tiled terrain (“mosaic”)
  • Automatic export of vertex normals for the mesh (using L3DT-internal calculation routines)
  • Export mesh with texture maps (if present in L3DT)
  • Export with “tangent space” normal maps (if present in L3DT; this is a L3DT Pro feature)
  • Export with or without face count reduction (using L3DT-internal calculation routines)
  • Automatic creation of a supporting *.xml file with tile positions and informations
  • Use FBX7.2 (SDK 2012.1) or 6.2 (recommended for XNA)




mk_L3DTio_FBX_1.0.0.0.zip7/1/20113.0 MBL3DT plugin v3 mk_L3DTio_FBX v1.0.0.0. The compiled ‘plugin mk_L3DTio_FBX.zeo’ and documentation pdf.
mk_L3DTio_FBX_1.0.0.1_Source.zip7/9/201148 KBL3DT plugin v3 mk_L3DTio_FBX v1.0.0.1 Source. The VS2008 source project. Needs fbx sdk and path adaptions (so, doesn’t compile out-of-the-box)