Build The Pyramid

Just finished a browser game tech concept, recreating a few of the ‘Forge of Empires’ gameplay features. You can build some houses/factories, produce goods and finally “Build The Pyramid”. It is a client/server implementation with Unity (client) and php scripts on server.
See here (“Unity” section).

Simple Slot Machine

SimpleSlotMachine – A small application, using the 2D game framework Phaser3 and JavaScript. My goal was to see it run on different (mobile) browsers. And – thanks to phaser – this worked quite well!
See here (“Other Stuff” section).


ConvertEXR has been added to section “Cinema4D”. This is a a little tool for converting C4D position_pass exports (OpenEXR format) to custom *.txt or *.bin formats. Link Re-Launch

After running on a self-built custom CMS for many years, got restructured and has now moved to a WordPress installation. I’m still playing with themes, format options, plugins and such.
All the data should still be there – just at different locations now (sorry for that). Please check out the menu to the left.

oldmikoweb(the old layout.RIP)