DXStudio Exporters Collection

Quote: “DX Studio is a 3D editing + engine suite for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. It was most popular between 2005 and 2010, but can still be a useful tool for creating interactive 2D+3D on Windows.”

This is a collection of exporters I made for DXStudio – back then. Might be of limited use nowadays…


DXMesh Exporter for pnpTC

PnPTCDXStudioFileHMapExportPlugIn: A pnpTC export plugin for *.dxmesh

Recently, I played with PnP TerrainCreator (www.pnp-terraincreator.com). It worked very well, and the documentation and plug-in reference is very detailed. So, I created a plugin for exporting to DXStudio’s mesh format ‘*dxmesh’. It uses Worldweaver’s DXMeshAPI 1.0.1 and is mainly based on the plugin reference code by the TerrainCreator people.


This exporter is adapting the programming layout of the pnpTC plugin demos (and re-using quite a lot of their code). Creating quads from heightmap bits, exporting textures, lightmaps and reducing polygons is in. Plus some additional features that might be helpful for using the meshes with DXStudio. There is a chance the plugin will be added to the official pnpTC distribution some time in future. Until this might happen, please download from this site.


Place the file PnPTCDXStudioFileHMapExportPlugIn.dll into pnpTC’s plugin folder, e.g. C:\Programme\PnP TerrainCreator\PlugIns and DXMeshAPI.dll into the main application folder, e.g. C:\Programme\PnP TerrainCreator.
On Startup, pnpTC should detect the new plugin. Do *not* place the DXMeshAPI.dll into the plugin folder of pnpTC. This would cause an error message on startup.

Usage with DXStudio

These links to pnpTC wiki entries: Graphics and Game Engines and DXStudio.


PnPTCDXStudioFile-HMapExportPlugIn_14.zip6/19/2009506 KBpnpTC plugin ‘PnPTCDXStudioFile-HMapExportPlugIn’
The compiled plugin v1.4 and DXStudio helper dll ‘DXMeshAPI.dll’.
Source_PnPTC_plugin_1.4.zip6/19/20098 MBThe complete source code project of v1.4 (VS C++ 2003)
pnpTC_terrain_test.zip5/9/20092.3 MBA DXStudio document (zipped *.dxstudio), using a 4×4 tiled terrain (dxmesh, exported with the plugin).For DXStudio 3.0.29 and up.
pnpTC_terrain_test.zip5/9/200915.8 MBA DXStudio document including the DXStudio installer, using a 4×4 tiled terrain (dxmesh, exported with the plugin).
pnpTC_terrain_Tiles_4x4.zip5/9/20092.0 MBA exported test terrain. 4×4=16 tiles, lightmap. This is the one used in the demos above.


DXMesh Exporter for L3DT

mk_L3DTio_DXStudio: A L3DT exporter for *.dxmesh

L3DT by Bundysoft is a nice application for the generation of large 3D terrains (L3DT = Large 3D Terrains). This is a L3DT plugin to export to DXStudio’s mesh format ‘*dxmesh’. It uses Worldweaver’s DXMeshAPI 1.0.1 and Bundysoft’s Zeolite API 11.08.

Version Information

The current plugin version works with L3DT version 11.08 and up.

  • One single mesh export or tiled terrain (“mosaic”)
  • Automatic export of vertex normals for the mesh (using L3DT-internal calculation routines)
  • Export mesh with texture maps (if present in L3DT)
  • Export with “tangent space” normal maps (if present in L3DT; this is a L3DT Pro feature)
  • Export with or without face count reduction (using L3DT-internal calculation routines)
  • Automatic creation of a supporting *.xml file with tile positions and informations
  • Automatic export of a DXStudio demo doc to load and display the new terrain instantly


mk_L3DTio_DXStudio_1.0.0.2.zip8/20/20111.5 MBL3DT plugin v3 mk_L3DTio_DXStudio v1.0.0.2. Minor bugfixes. The compiled ‘plugin mk_L3DTio_DXStudio.zeo’, DXStudio helper dll ‘DXMeshAPI.dll’ and documentation pdf.
mk_L3DTio_DXStudio_1.0.0.1.zip6/11/20113.4 MBL3DT plugin v3 mk_L3DTio_DXStudio v1.0.0.1
The compiled ‘plugin mk_L3DTio_DXStudio.zeo’, DXStudio helper dll ‘DXMeshAPI.dll’ and documentation pdf.
mk_L3DTio_DXStudio_1.0.0.1_Source.zip7/9/20112.1 MBL3DT plugin v3 mk_L3DTio_DXStudio v1.0.0.1 Source. The VS2008 source project. Needs DXMesh API and path adaptions (so, doesn’t compile out-of-the-box)